Suborbital commercial spaceflights could transform global real estate

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This article by OPP Connect editor Adrian Bishop was originally posted on OPP Connect. Space travel could make a world of difference to the overseas property market within the next decade, says a leading agent. With suborbital flights able to cut the London-to-Sydney journey time down from 21 hours in an aircraft to 2.2 hours, global property markets could radically shift, says the 2014 Wealth Report from Knight Frank, which is being published on Wednesday. Liam Bailey, Knight Frank’s Global Head of Residential Research, says, “By traveling outside the Earth’s atmosphere, gravitational forces will allow spacecraft to travel at 4,000 miles per hour, so breakfast in Mayfair could easily be followed by lunch overlooking Sydney Opera House. It doesn’t take much imagination to see the dramatic impact this innovation could have on global luxury property markets.” Suborbital flight, where craft are launched briefly into space so they can reach supersonic speeds before c...