PolicyMap shining brighter light on neighborhoods

Mapping tool offers new data, functionality and interface

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The ongoing push to expose the nuances of neighborhoods online has been accelerating lately. Last week, NeighborhoodScout dialed up the resolution of its neighborhood snapshots, and RealtyTrac added data on unpalatable neighborhood characteristics, like the locations of sex offenders, to its listing pages. Just before those rollouts, Google unveiled Google Maps Gallery, a platform that lets organizations publish maps to make their data more discoverable. PolicyMap, a firm that powers a data-mapping tool and also feeds information to organizations including Realtors Property Resource (RPR), has introduced the latest effort to cast a brighter light on the contours of communities. The company announced today that it’s revamped its mapping application tool, giving a facelift to its user interface and adding new data and functionality. “As interest in data and data visualization has exploded, we’ve rebuilt PolicyMap into a more powerful but easier-to-use tool that appe...