Real estate agents can safely ignore people with things to sell who position themselves as experts

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Sometimes the companies that build technology for real estate agents and the "experts" who make a living giving us advice don't seem to understand what our clients actually expect of us. It's true that a person or company doesn't have to have any experience actually selling real estate, or knowledge of any of the steps involved, in order to sell products or give advice to real estate practitioners. No one has to have experience actually running a brokerage to understand how it could be done better, or how to serve buyers and sellers better than they imagine consumers are served today. Yet there are people out there giving advice who may not even realize that they do not understand what a real estate agent or brokerage does, or know the laws, rules or guidelines that we operate under. There are some who would be really surprised at how complicated the job of a real estate agent can be. Agent advice is not confined to "best practices" for using technology. Experts overstep t...