Having ‘boots on the ground’ can give brokers a leg up in China

Insights on international real estate from Macdonald Realty Group's Dan Scarrow

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By Dan Scarrow and Jonathan Cooper As discussed in a previous article, my colleague Dan Scarrow went to Shanghai in February to explore opening a Macdonald Realty office. Shortly after his departure, the Canadian government announced the termination of two federal immigration programs geared toward high net worth immigrants. Both programs had significant subscription from Chinese families, and Dan was able to discuss the changes with immigration consultants in Shanghai to help us -- and the broader real estate community -- gauge what the impact would be. Below is an update on the how the cancellation of these programs is playing out thus far amongst potential Chinese immigrants. Dan also provides a word of warning on "representative fraud" by individuals falsely claiming to represent Chinese-based businesses, and some observations on what price trends in the Taipei real estate market can teach us about major urban markets in North America. Enjoy! Greetings from Shang...