Your startup’s got an idea that can fly, but do you have the right team to put it into orbit?

Insights from Tribeca Venture Partners' Brian Hirsch

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At Tribeca Venture Partners, "We see a lot of entrepreneurs come in and have great ideas, ideas that can fly, but the team may not be strong enough or have the right set of experiences or skill sets to attack an opporutunity," says co-founder and managing partner Brian Hirsch. "Or they may be OK, but there are three teams that are stronger. It's really about the team, and the fit of that team with the specific business." Hirsch sees the lack of transparency in the real estate industry and the opening up of data sets as opportunities for startups that can attach that data closer to the consumer so they can utilize it to make better decisions. "We want to back companies that are generating big outcomes, that's our model. We don't play small ball, so we're looking for strong teams that are really unique for the opportunity."...