If we build it, will they come?

If our clients are ready to demand more of us, we'd better get ready to deliver

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You know what most great real estate agents have in common? They’re really good at their jobs. They’re good at developing rapport and trust with sellers at that initial consultation. They’re good at marketing homes. They’re good at identifying what a buyer needs, even if he doesn’t know yet. And they’re good at putting together -- and keeping together -- transactions, guiding their clients through the minefield of inspections, mortgage applications and title review. But we don’t have enough of those great agents. In fact, we have too many of the other kind of agents, the ones who don’t know what they’re doing but still somehow manage to do a handful of deals every year in spite of themselves. We all know this. When I’m doing a talk about client service for a group of agents, I routinely ask how many of them would work as a client with more than half of the agents in their market. No one raises their hand. No one. No. One. That’s partly our fault. As an...