Agents, brokers and franchisors must work together to create a brand that people trust

Insights from Century 21's Bev Thorne

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Bev Thorne is the chief marketing officer of Century 21, overseeing an organization known for its prowess in real-time marketing and aligning the brand with the consumer trends that matter today. At Real Estate Connect in July, Thorne will discuss whose brand really matters to consumers, and what that means for agents, brokers and franchisors. She’ll share her insights on how all parties can work together to create a brand that people trust, and one that remains relevant even as what matters to today’s buyers evolves. Don’t miss her session Thursday, July 17, at Real Estate Connect San Francisco. Inman: What's the most disruptive force changing the economy and consumer behavior and why? Bev Thorne BT: Mobile connectivity and location-based services are likely the most disruptive forces that are impacting consumer behavior today. The opportunities these technologies provide to companies that are able to translate their vision into an economically viable business plan ...