Communicating with real estate clients: Matching their style is a no-brainer if you want a lasting career

A guide to effective relationships between men and women, Americans and foreigners

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Have you ever had a conversation with a client, spouse or friend that left you saying, “You just don’t understand”? Men and women are definitely wired differently in terms of how they communicate. Understanding these differences can improve both your business and personal communication. Last month at the Awesome Females in Real Estate conference, Debbie Ashbrook of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate LLC gave a talk based upon the book, “Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti.” While there are always exceptions to the rule, Ashbrook’s premise struck a strong chord with the all-female audience. In short, “men are like waffles” references the fact that men tend to compartmentalize. To illustrate this point, think of a waffle. The man starts in one “box” or compartment in the waffle. He needs to resolve what is in that compartment before going on to the next idea or concept. On the other hand, “women are like spaghetti” references how women ten...