Multilingual capabilities added to Imprev marketing platform

Dozens of languages including Chinese, Korean, French and Spanish are supported

Imprev is adding multilingual capabilities to its real estate marketing platform, allowing agents to create digital and print marketing materials in dozens of languages, including Chinese, Korean, French and Spanish.

Imprev will provide this multilingual capability, which can be used by native speaking agents or agents using translation software, to its franchise and broker customers.

Re/Max Integra’s Ontario-Atlantic region recently added multilanguage marketing content to its Imprev-powered Design Center, including French, traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese.

“Our ability to automate the creation of any digital or print marketing material, including multi-language content, further positions Imprev as a leader in the industry,” Imprev CEO Renwick Congdon said in a statement. “Now with intelligent automation, marketing content in any number of languages can be generated by the brokerage on behalf of the agent — regardless of the agent’s linguistic abilities — ensuring that the brokerage and its agents can capitalize on the incredible growth opportunities in today’s multilingual real estate market.”