FindTheBest aims to reveal ‘true essence’ of neighborhoods with ‘Insights’

Popular research engine expands into rental market

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FindTheBest, a research engine that recently launched home and neighborhood search tools, has introduced a feature to its "FindTheBest Places" real estate vertical to capture what it calls the "true essence" of communities. The website gleans “Insights for Places” -- what it's casting as the defining attributes of geographic areas -- by identifying what categories of establishments in a location are over- or underrepresented compared to the country as a whole. A growing number of real estate search sites and apps are presenting consumers with dossier-like profiles on neighborhoods. But communities are more than just their school scores, crime rates and demographic makeups. FindTheBest's Insights for San Francisco's Marina neighborhood, for example, would include "restaurants," "bars" and "yoga" due to "over-indexations" of establishments that fall into those categories. Other Insights include "vice," "fitness" and "alternative medicine." The new feature adds another d...