New York property search site’s Google Earth implementation will knock your socks off

CityRealty stitches virtual aerial imagery into neighborhood guides

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Take a deep real estate technology dive, Aug 7, 2017

CityRealty, a property listing and agent referral resource covering New York City, has rolled out a revamped website that features colorful neighborhood guides that include virtual aerial imagery of neighborhoods and popular buildings.

The site’s neighborhood profiles are bursting with text, photos, maps and charts that describe a community’s characteristics, real estate market, local history and notable buildings.

Sourced from Google Earth, the virtual aerial imagery is particularly nifty. It offers a bird’s-eye view of a neighborhood, and lets users click on certain buildings to pull up information on them. CityRealty has even produced virtual aerial tours for a few landmarks scattered throughout Manhattan.

CityRealty’s neighborhood guides also include Pinterest-style modules that showcase different establishments indexed by categories (including “arts and entertainment,” “nightlife,” and “health and recreation”) and famous residents, past and present.

In addition to providing real estate research tools and information — CityRealty says it has ratings, reviews and historical sales information for more than 3,000 buildings — the site matches buyers and renters with agents who specialize in their desired neighborhoods.

“It’s our hope that our new and improved online resources, coupled with our tailored agent recommendations, will seamlessly guide customers from the start of the search to the moment they get their keys,” said Daniel Levy, president of CityRealty, in a statement.

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