Zillow and Trulia have become the status quo and are ripe for disruption

Broker Notebook

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There is a lot of doom and gloom out there about Zillow's plans to buy Truila, and some anger, too. As a real estate agent, I find it perplexing that Zillow and Trulia’s customers are real estate agents -- not homebuyers or sellers. Real homebuyers and sellers don’t care about you or about your website. They just want to buy or sell a home. Buyers will shop on the websites they like best, and sellers will prefer an agent who is a person they know over a pretty face on a website. Some leaders of the National Association of Realtors say they want us all to become more professional now, because that is the only way we can compete with Zillow. There are real estate companies that want to try to build websites that will compete with the media companies. As usual, I am just watching the drama play out, not understanding how Zillow or Trulia is taking business away from real estate agents, and not understanding how websites that cannot survive without a constant influx of agen...