We can’t always describe it, but we all know poor customer service when we see it

Broker Notebook

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Customer service isn’t just about giving customers and clients surveys, collecting ratings and constantly sending out marketing materials reminding customers about all of the wonderful services your brokerage provides. The real estate industry can learn what not to do from other businesses, and do customer service better instead of worse. When I go to one of my favorite restaurants, I just accept the fact that the server is going to interrupt us several times during the meal to ask, "How's the food tasting?" I know that food cannot taste, and I just hate being interrupted. But I keep going back because I like the food. Many restaurants use the same model -- interrupting us while we eat and calling it customer service. When I leave the restaurant, I may receive a slip of paper encouraging me to go to a website and take a survey. Those surveys will ask if I was asked how the food "is tasting." I answer "yes" or give them a "4" most of the time. Everyone is happy except for ...