How a video ‘blueprint’ can save you time, money

Remember, the average viewer will start to tune out after about 80-90 seconds

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By now, virtually every agent understands the value of incorporating video into the marketing of their listings. But, before you run out and hit that record button, be sure to begin with your end goal in mind. Unlike the notorious phrase, “Shoot first, ask questions later,” preplanning -- in other words, asking questions first, THEN shooting (in the video sense) -- will reap great dividends. And by dividends, I mean increasing the likelihood that the video will be shared on social media and have people watching it longer -- and as a result, you’ll generate more leads. Just like building a quality house, it takes a blueprint to produce a truly effective video presentation. The same is true with what I’ll call the “video architecture” of a home tour. The most common mistake I see on a daily basis are videos that needlessly run incredibly long, all due to lack of preplanning. Imagine what would happen if you asked a construction company to build you a home, without a blu...