A beginner’s guide to social media for real estate

11 tips to help you grow your social media influence

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There’s no doubt now that there are riches to be found in the land of social media and online marketing. But still, so many have not fully experienced the benefits of social media in ways that ring the cash register. If you haven’t yet used social media to engage with buyers and sellers, or drive leads and generate referrals, this article and infographic is for you. It has never been easier to get started. In this post, I’ll show you exactly how you can make social media work for your business. Why social matters If you are anything like me when I was an agent, you’ve got a lot more dreams than you have resources, and there’s no shortage of work to be done. What’s great about social media is that it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to make friends with customers and prospects without having to “sell” yourself. You get to build trust in the eyes of potential customers long before a sale needs to happen. Choose the platform where your customers spend their...