Best practices for achieving Inbox 50

Email housekeeping helps agents get down to business

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By BRYAN ROBERTSON I know someone with an inbox that has over 5,000 messages in it and 1,500 unread emails. Most of it is spam. Ironically, they tend to respond fairly quickly to messages but often lose track of topics over time. That got me thinking about how a disorganized inbox can really hurt your business. Worse yet, how much time would it take to get from 5,000 messages down to 50? My inbox rarely has more than 50 messages Yes, that's right, my inbox almost never has more than 50 messages. Right this minute it actually has 33. Every one of those messages is a different conversation on an active topic. This is the start of how to get organized and take control of your inbox. Your inbox is a "to do" list Working with that mindset, you need only the most recent email in a thread in the box at any time. Older emails should be sorted into folders. How you organize is up to you, but I tend to organize by topic since multiple people may be involved with a thread. Get a fol...