Get past these 4 sorry excuses for not being on YouTube

After a couple months I am already hitting views in the thousands and working with new clients

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As a real estate agent, you may have heard the buzz about reaching millennials and foreign investors. Did you know YouTube may be one of the least expensive vehicles for you to reach these and other demographics? YouTube reaches U.S. millennials (those 18-34) more than ANY cable network (sorry, Bravo/"The Real Housewives of ____ " (fill in your guilty pleasure location) and HBO/"Game of Thrones" producers). Beyond millennials, YouTube's website and video viewers include an international audience (those outside of the U.S.) of 80 percent. YouTube has 1 billion eyeballs reaching it monthly. Those numbers should not be ignored as you grow your real estate sales business. You may think, That's great but I don't have the time or money to post to YouTube. Well, I want to challenge your objections in this post to show you that you can and should be a YouTube vlogger (video blogger -- meaning you post more than a random video every once in a while). I have been vlogging at least...