Home warranties touted as marketing tool for listings

American Home Shield rolls out new plans in force during and after a sale

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American Home Shield is offering three new home warranty "real estate plans" that cover major home appliances and system components during and after a home sale that the company is marketing to sellers and listing agents. Qualified sellers can buy the redesigned seller coverage package for up to six months while their home is on the market to avoid unexpected expenses, differentiate properties from other listings, and help take care of preclosing issues related to home inspections, the company said. "Our research already shows that homes with an American Home Shield home warranty sell faster and at a higher price point than those without a home warranty," said Laird Hamberlin, vice president of sales for American Home Shield, in a statement. "We believe our new real estate plans will be even more attractive to homebuyers, sellers and real estate professionals, and help us support responsible homeownership by delivering even greater value to our customers and the market as a whole...