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Rivals come together at real estate data standards ‘plugfest’

Event aims to spur software innovation and save industry players time and money

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Apple and Samsung do it. Google and Microsoft do it. And in the real estate industry, CoreLogic, FBS and Rapattoni do it. Next week, competitors in the industry will come together in Las Vegas for the industry's first-ever "plugfest" with a common goal in mind: to advance the development of real estate data standards. Why? To foster the creation of more, better and cheaper agent and broker tools powered by real estate data. In the larger world of tech, a consortium of 400 technology-related firms called W3C develops a variety of Web standards, including HTML5, CSS and HTTP. The counterpart to W3C in real estate is the nonprofit Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO), which is made up of nearly 150 members, including multiple listing services, vendors, associations and brokers. RESO will hold its fall conference and inaugural "plugfest" Oct. 21-23. Software designers will come together at the event to explore new ideas and test their products against each other to see ho...