5 myths about mega producers

What separates big fish from little fish in real estate?

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By COLLEEN FISCHESSER Mega real estate producers are an enigma. They have secrets and magic formulas and know things the rest of us don’t, which is why they’re so much more successful than everyone else, right? Ironically, some of the biggest myths misconceptions about top producers are also the biggest reasons many agents don’t and won’t ever achieve that level of success. So what separates those big fish from the smaller fish in the proverbial real estate pond? Two words: attitude and belief. Success starts with attitude and belief -- or in some cases, success is stalled because of attitude and self-limiting beliefs. Here are some of the most common myths I’ve heard about mega producers: They got lucky. They don’t have to worry about money. They have no life. They know a secret shortcut. They are jerks. The last myth is one I was guilty of thinking in my rookie years, but I’ve heard all of these (and more) time and again from agents whe...