10 agents you love to hate and how to cope

Some dangerously walk that 'ethical' line and some are just clueless

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By JOVAN HACKLEY Recently, we took to social media and asked real estate agents to get real and tell us: When you’re working with other agents, what are the little (or big!) bad habits that drive you crazy? You told us! They may be the minority, but, as with every industry, sometimes agents have to work with other agents who can cause some major headaches! Luckily, there are some simple solutions for dealing with even the most rage-inducing situations. Check out the list and a few friendly tips to help you have a positive transaction -- no matter whom you’re working with! 1. The agent who could use a little more training ... Expertise and experience are two different things. Unfortunately, many of you said that there are too many agents who are simply undertrained, and it can show during the transaction. The easy fix: There’s a ton of education available on- and offline in the form of agent training webinars, like these free webinars offered by Trulia, as we...