Hacker profile: Meghan Kilgore

Helping Redfin dig into data and get inside buyers' heads

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Meghan Kilgore Lead data analyst at Redfin Time at Redfin: 2 years What she does: I use data to understand what improvements to Redfin’s real estate service will drive increased customer satisfaction, and partner with Redfin’s agents and engineers to implement those improvements.     Age: A woman never reveals her age. Degree: Master of Science, Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan Location: Seattle, Eastlake neighborhood Social media: LinkedIn and Twitter While I was a graduate student at the University of Michigan, I helped teach a course on queuing systems, the mathematical study of waiting in lines, which captured my imagination. The course was about determining the rate and distribution of a system's arrival (like customers coming into a Starbucks), and the rate and distribution of a system's server (like how fast a barista can take and make your order) and using that information to determine wait time in the queue (...