‘Holistic’ solution aimed at slashing cost of marketing multifamily real estate

UrbanForm offers property website along with kiosk and tablet apps

To promote multifamily properties or housing developments, builders, real estate brokers and property managers often shell out quite a bit of cash for marketing solutions that run on multiple platforms. UrbanForm has wrapped software for those platforms into one holistic white-label product that can save such firms quite a bit of money, according to CEO Adam Artman. The product features a comprehensive property website along with tablet and kiosk apps that firms can deploy at sales centers. Each of those supports photo galleries, virtual tours, 3-D renderings, videos, sections showing unit availability and 3-D floor plans, Walk Scores, social media integration, augmented reality and analytics. “To sell a single house, it doesn’t make sense," Artman said of UrbanForm's product. "But to sell a community, it does." The basic product costs $500 a year per property, plus a setup fee of $3,000. For additional fees, UrbanForm will also create content that can po...