Is the Zillow-Trulia merger a death blow or a dying gasp?

Big financial players are finding opportunities in disruptive technology

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Now that Zillow and Trulia are merging, many are predicting "game over" in the listing portal space. Already the two most trafficked real estate websites individually, a combined "Godzulliow" may be on the verge of total domination of the industry, and to becoming the Amazon.com of home search. However, there is an equally compelling narrative that points to the complete opposite outcome. Many of the best and brightest from a wide range of industries have set their eyes on the listing portal space, taking the bet that both Zillow and Trulia are outdated technology and ripe for disruption. The case for Zillow-Trulia dominance is an easy one to make. Since 2012, they have been the Web traffic leaders of the real estate industry, and their lead has only increased with time. Combined, they receive 25 percent of U.S. real estate Web traffic, according to Experian Marketing Services, which is 3.5 times as much as their nearest competitor, realtor.com. Zillow says it plans to ...