Jennifer Warden: ‘Consumers have expectations we need to attend to’

Baird & Warner has hired 450 new agents in preparation for 2015

Jennifer Alter Warden is the chief operating officer and executive vice president at Baird & Warner. Are you optimistic about 2015? Yes, I believe that 2015 will be another good year. I've been speaking with our top agents, and most of them are what I would call "cautiously optimistic." They are still busy and going into 2015 with a strong pipeline. Also, we will have hired more than 450 new and experienced agents in 2014, and they will obviously contribute to our positive momentum. Our mortgage and title operations are on good growth curves as well. Are you optimistic about the economy? Yes, the economy has been on an upswing for some time now, and I think it will continue to improve throughout the year, barring unforeseen global events. All year, there have been reports of a number of sectors improving in 2014 — housing, unemployment, etc., and the most recent jobs report was especially encouraging. Are you optimistic about the housing market? I am cautiously...