Jon Druse: ‘The tools Realtors have now are antiquated and clunky at best’

Self-driving cars, code on the brain, and lots and lots of coffee

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Job title: Senior developer, W&R Studios (maker of Cloud CMA and Cloud Streams) Time at W&R Studios: Two years What he does: I write software that makes Realtors look awesome for their clients. Age: 30 Location: Huntington Beach, California Social media: Twitter, LinkedIn What do you do? At W&R Studios, we make Web apps for Realtors. I mostly work with listing data, which can be, to put it lightly, a bit messy. Actually, it's mostly a disaster when you look at the large scale. Writing software to make sense of more than 200 RETS-based feeds is a daunting task. (RETS stands for real estate transaction standards, a protocol designed to help unify the organization of real estate data.) So real estate is fun field to work in because I enjoy solving hard problems. Finding elegant solutions to difficult problems is what drives me. Oh ... and lots of coffee. Tons of coffee. I work mostly on our newest product, Cloud Streams. It's a tool for getting alert...