Duke Fan: ‘Our vision is to build the ultimate platform for matching buyers to homes’

New tools, A Tribe Called Quest and why buyers need agents

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Vice president of product, RealScout Time at RealScout: 3 months What he does: Leads a team geared to redefining the online home search experience and the connection between agents and homebuyers. Age: 43 Degree, school: MBA marketing and finance, University of Southern California Location: Pleasanton, California Social Media: LinkedIn and Twitter I love building things — consumer experiences, Legos, road maps, teams. When I was in elementary school, I told my parents I would build software when I grew up, because it was taking too long to get it over 1,200 baud modems. But to build really cool things, you need a really great team. I'm super-fortunate to have been part of the Toolbar and Personalization teams at Yahoo, the mobile team at and, as of July, the fun startup team at RealScout. These experiences and colleagues taught me how to be analytical and creative, how to focus on our end user and their entire experience, and how to forecast, sell...