Agent hiring is broken, so here’s what top brokerages are doing about it

How to make better hiring decisions

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Hiring a new agent isn't necessarily the easiest — or most enjoyable — thing to do. It can be costly, inefficient, require a lot of time ... and, in the end, your decision could amount to nothing more than an educated guess. It's OK to admit it: Hiring can suck! Well, it doesn't have to. There are problems with the traditional recruitment model, but there are also some definitive and relatively easy things you can try to make it much more efficient and effective … possibly even enjoyable. The problem with many hiring approaches is that they fail to accurately identify the essential characteristics that predict performance. The best agencies correct this by taking the following steps. 1. Modeling reality. What doesn't work: Depending mostly on your gut instinct when it comes to sniffing out the right candidate. Unfortunately, assuming that, since you were a super successful agent, you will know your kind instantly just doesn't work. Intuition is useful for less signi...