Jay's Stories

Do you know your natural talents and strengths? Countless self-help books have been written on how to turn weaknesses into strengths, but is that really possible?

Sep 29

If you’re growing by leaps and bounds and find yourself needing help to manage your sales funnel, it’s time to consider hiring an inside sales agent (ISA).

Sep 18

Congratulations! You’ve worked your ass off and have clients coming out the wazoo. Now you find yourself so maxed out that you’re actually missing opportunities and losing business. You’ve successfully achieved exactly what all young businesses do — you’ve completely exhausted all of your resources.

Nov 17

Based on actual data from the field, our research shows that not all successful buyer’s agents share the same talents and abilities. Buyer’s agents actually come in a couple of different flavors — and types. They pretty much fall into one of two categories: hunters and helpers.

Nov 4

This article is the second in our series on the findings of the recent scientific study my company conducted on the personalities of top performers in a variety of real estate roles. Here’s what we found concerning the role of listing agents and what characteristics correlated with only the top-performing agents in that role.

May 19

Recently my company, Wizehire.com, conducted a research study into the natural traits and strengths of the top performing real estate agents. Using a battery of validated personality profiles we sought to identify what — if any — characteristics correlated only with top performers in a variety of real estate roles.

Apr 29

The proliferation of recruiting technology today can be both a blessing and a curse. While it’s great to be able to post your open job to hundreds of boards in minutes, that same technology means the job seeker can apply to hundreds of jobs — in minutes.

Apr 21

If you’re struggling to find great agents, the most likely offender is the quality of your job descriptions. Most people fail to appreciate the role a strong job description plays in finding great agents.

Apr 15