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How should brokers and MLSs navigate new world of listing distribution?

A plain-English approach to the big listings questions

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Real estate listing distribution will change significantly when ListHub and Zillow split in April. Brokers and MLSs are rushing to ensure that their listings remain on the most popular consumer advertising portals. Those brokers and MLSs need to take great caution in their next steps. Moving too quickly could undermine the relationships between these organizations — as well as the protections that real estate agents and their clients deserve. Technically, any decision-maker should understand modes of transmission, model content license agreements, opting mechanisms, real estate transaction standards (RETS) and distribution entities. If that sounds like Greek to you, then you're not alone. Boiled down to plain English, however, the players and their inherent roles aren't difficult to grasp. Authors, publicists and magazine publishers Look at the publishing industry for an analogy. Real estate agents are local authors. They write stories. Their sources, the clients, provid...