When have we overautomated the real estate industry?

There are dangers in efficiencies that we don't always see

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Last week, I got a series of emails from a national real estate vendor — nine emails all in one day, followed by six the very next day. One subject line was, ironically, "6 worst real estate technology mistakes everyone makes." Other stories alluded to tips and tricks. I chuckled, knowing what had likely happened — the company's long string of emails was probably intended to hit my inbox over the course of several weeks or months. Their customer relationship manager system must've had a glitch — an extended action plan of managing my value and creating a relationship had malfunctioned and instead sent me a load of junk mail that I didn't read. I enjoy getting the system-generated email and text reminders from my dentist for my upcoming appointment, or the email from Amazon, YouTube or my favorite store of "things I might enjoy." But I do wonder sometimes: When we take too many steps away from personal human interaction, what do we lose (including potential business) by eith...