Dave Eisenberg: ‘The agent role will shift to focus on vertical interest and serious domain expertise’

Floored CEO talks Dostoevsky and 3-D

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Dave Eisenberg is the CEO of Floored. Age: 29 Degree, school: Psychology, Harvard Location: New York City Social media: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook Dave Eisenberg relaxing over a glass of his favorite rum, Zacapa 23. Photo by his old boss and close friend, Andy Dunn, who introduced him to the spirit. What's your favorite activity outside of work and why? I love to play tennis whenever I can get access to courts in New York. When I was younger it was something I did competitively, so I have some muscle memory that I can rely on. Now that I'm a bit older, it's a great way to keep in shape and have a lot of fun. What's your favorite classic piece of literature and why? Great question! My wife is a writer and she's smiling because we both know I should be reading a lot more classic literature these days. I'm a big Dostoevsky fan, so I'd have to say "The Brothers Karamazov" is one of my favorites. I'm actually making my way (slowly) through Mark Twain's writings,...