Eli King on big phone screens, WordPress and why Exchange is her favorite email host

Interactive marketing consultant shares her tech finds

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Inman is interviewing real estate professionals in every area of the field to talk about technology use. Here’s Eli King, an online specialist at Roohan Realty. Is your phone an iPhone, Android, Windows Phone? What model? Why? Android Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (I'm not due for my upgrade until July). I got it a year and a half ago before the trend was bigger screens, because I did, in fact, want a larger screen for reading email and taking photos. It also features a stylus, so I could write notes on my phone screen by hand and they'd be formatted as text. This was very, very handy. Unfortunately, since getting the phone, I've discovered that it's a little too large — too large for texting/emailing (when I'm using one-handed, my fingers can't reach all the buttons!) and its size makes you more apt to drop it ... which I have, numerous times, which has done irreversible damage to that nice screen. The next phone will be smaller. Preferably with (gasp) ... buttons! All I want ...