Trulia says I’m a budget-conscious bon vivant

Playful 'Buyers-Diggs Test' promotes Trulia's new collaborative search feature

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I'm a budget-conscious "bon vivant" who loves filling my place with cool people but couldn't care less about filling it with cool stuff. For me, chairs are places to sit, not home decor, and wine glasses are "meant to be occasionally broken." That's according to Trulia's Buyers-Diggs Test, one of the listing portal's more creative content marketing campaigns. The quiz, whose name is a play on the Myers-Briggs personality test, asks questions that playfully probe your homebuying preferences and then assigns you a homebuyer-centric personality type based on your answers. Trulia debuted the questionnaire in early March to promote a new collaborative home search feature that allows homebuyers and renters to create shareable Pinterest-like “boards” of homes they find on the portal. Questions of the Buyers-Diggs Test include "Where do you go after work?" (I chose "Spin class, a gallery opening -- as long as I have options") and "How often does the bathroom need to be c...