At 72, agent proves age no barrier to technology

Ed Robinson has taught thousands his paperless system

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For real estate agents who didn’t grow up with a laptop mouse and game controller in their hands, the industry's increasing reliance on technology and the Internet may seem like a threat to their existence. But at 72, Ed Robinson is living proof that real estate agents of any age can use technology to streamline their business. Ed Robinson The Canadian Realtor has engineered a relatively simple mix of devices and software that enables real estate agents to ditch the filing cabinet and handle all paperwork digitally. “Last year, I went in my office three or four times to pick up return mail,” he said. “There was no reason to go there.” Not only has his tech toolkit helped him better serve buyers and sellers, it’s been the launch pad for his teaching business. Robinson says he’s taught more than 6,000 agents in 161 classes over the last three years, sometimes traveling far outside his home market of Toronto, Canada, to spread the paperless gospel. The m...