Hyperlocal real estate search takes another step forward

Maponics acquires data boundaries from Urban Mapping

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Neighborhood boundary and community data provider Maponics has snapped up an arsenal of additional neighborhood boundaries to beef up and refine its existing data set. The acquisition of data boundaries from Urban Mapping will help Maponics further empower real estate websites to offer search tools that let prospective buyers filter for homes in small communities that may occupy only a fraction of larger neighborhoods. Maponics claims giant real estate portals Zillow, Trulia and among its clients, and also provides data to Redfin, Century 21 and Realtors Property Resource. The 100,000 neighborhood boundaries in 40 countries that Maponics has gobbled up through the acquisition of Urban Mapping's data set will complement Maponics’ new “Communities” data product. Real estate search sites that incorporate Communities data can allow consumers to hone in on homes in distinct communities that can form around “social objects” like hospitals, national pa...