The agent collector model of business and how it hurts real estate agents

Broker Notebook

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Exploring various business models for real estate brokerages makes me realize how broken some of the brokerages are. The focus isn’t on real estate clients; it is on how many leads can be captured and how many agents can be collected. To begin with, real estate companies do not exist just to make a profit; there is a little more to it than that. Real estate companies are about having a real estate broker because in most if not all states real estate agents have to work under a broker. Brokers are actually responsible for the actions of their agents. Most consumers would be shocked to learn this, and I know some agents and brokers who would find it disturbing, too, but I am not making it up. Check your local laws. I have strong evidence that on two recent transactions I worked with unsupervised agents. One was with a small company. He was a new agent, and he gave his client information that isn’t true. I wish I could say hilarity ensued, but that homebuyer is seriously tick...