Utilize the 80:20 principle to make your real estate business grow

Keeping in constant and personal contact with your best clients is a win-win

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These days, the world is so frantically busy that it can seem almost impossible to focus on achieving what you want. How can you best use your limited resources of time, energy and money to build a thriving real estate business? This is especially daunting when there are so many daily distractions and energy drainers, such as social media and email to contend with. The solution is to utilize the 80:20 principle, which means that 80 percent of your results come from 20 percent of your effort. Use these simple steps, and you’ll operate in a more focused way, optimize the growth of your business and live the good life. Prioritize your database The power of your business lies in this relational asset, so study it carefully. Who are the clients work most effectively for you?  Those who have sent you multiple referrals -- your A+ and A customers -- should receive most of your time, attention and focus. They are your best advocates, and you need to connect with them regularly a...