Top-producing agents come from dorm rooms, not boardrooms

Research shows top agents started right out of college

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As a company engaged in the business of helping brokers recruit agents, we at Wright Brothers Inc. are most interested in understanding where top agents come from. So, we had an idea: Let's call each of the top 100 agents by gross commission income and ask them what their career path was prior to real estate. After several weeks, we were able to connect with 100 of the top 123 agents. We considered this a large enough sample set to start forming some conclusions. The thing that immediately jumped out at us was that 44 of the 100 top agents we interviewed had started their careers in real estate immediately out of college, and in some cases, even during college. To put this in context, according to the most recent National Association of Realtors member profile, 94 percent of Realtors started their careers in industries other than real estate. The demographic math of top producers Understanding why top real estate agents start their real estate careers directly out of college b...