Casey's Stories

Although Ashley Madison and Target might get all the headlines, more than half of all attacks are against small business owners. We recently sat down with cyber security expert Scott Krawitz to discuss his common sense approach to securing technical systems within the real estate industry. Here’s what we learned.

Oct 13

Last year, I was talking to a millennial friend about homeownership. Like so many people in my generation, he did not see the value in owning a home, even though he could easily afford the down payment and mortgage.

Sep 21

I’ve spent a lot of time over the past couple years speaking to real estate audiences about the evolving expectations of millennial clients. Much of this conversation centers around the way millennials digitally vet agents online by using tools such as Yelp, Facebook and Zillow to research agents before reaching out to them.

Sep 1

I’ve noticed that much of what is written about this generation has less to do with hard facts and more to do with subjective assumptions about how this generation should act. Here are four myths that pop up over and over again, along with the fact-based realities.

Jun 17

As a company engaged in the business of helping brokers recruit agents, we at Wright Brothers Inc. are most interested in understanding where top agents come from. So, we had an idea: Let’s call each of the top 100 agents by gross commission income and ask them what their career path was prior to real estate.

May 7