Marci James: ‘Mobile is taking over, so get ready’

Marketing vice president shares her tech-related tips and tools

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Inman is interviewing real estate professionals in every area of the field to talk about technology use. Here’s Marci James, the vice president of marketing at Obeo and an Inman contributor. Is technology an asset or an annoyance? A hindrance or a hero? Hero. I’d be lost without it. I feel I am much more productive and better organized. What model phone do you use and why? IPhone. I was an Android user for years. But I also love using the latest app, and I hated waiting for them to be released for Android. I manage all of Obeo’s social media and marketing. I have to be extremely connected when I’m on the go or traveling (which happens a lot!). The reliability of my iPhone, and the superior apps, has made me a convert. I love my iPhone. What are your top three apps on your phone? How do I choose only three? I’d be lost without OneNote. It literally organizes my world. I’ve tried numerous times, and I just cannot make the move to Evernote. I’m simpl...