Using 3-D, drones and an e-marketplace to target Chinese buyers

Aerial Look and Luxify seeking to sell 'top-tier' US agents on merits of joint marketing system

In a bid to tap the largest source of foreign spending on U.S. real estate, Raleigh, North Carolina-based real estate marketing firm Aerial Look has partnered with Luxify, an international luxury goods listing website, to use drone and 3-D technology to expose high-end properties to Chinese buyers.

The two firms have announced a joint campaign aimed at demonstrating to “top-tier” U.S. real estate agents “how listing 3-D luxury property tours on a Chinese marketplace will add value.”

Aerial Look and Luxify will tour property markets including Miami, Palm Beach, New York and the San Francisco Bay Area in their bid to sell agents’ on their marketing technology.

Aerial Look, which says its valued at $5 million, pairs online 3-D models powered by Matterport technology with aerial footage captured by drones to give wealthy buyers an immersive virtual tour of global luxury properties and rentals.

Luxify’s luxury e-marketplace, meanwhile, resembles “an Amazon or Alibaba for the ultrarich with goods from houses to watches.”

Building on a joint a venture that the two firms have already been operating in Hong Kong, the new partnership fuses Aerial Look’s virtual tours with Luxury’s marketplace to tease more well-heeled Chinese buyers with U.S. luxury listings.

The partnership represents one of the latest attempts by a U.S. firm to tap demand from Chinese buyers, a group whose spending on U.S. real estate is skyrocketing.

In a similar bid to court that group, real estate auction platform recently began syndicating its listings to a Chinese-language international property website.

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