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There are hints that the next interest rate move will be down

Lou Barnes on Sepp Blatter, Richard Fuld and Janet Yellen

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Last week marked another week of quiet waiting for big data this week (not techies spying, just the monthly jobs report). I am not a betting man, but I do occasionally guess: There are hints that the next interest rate move will be down. First, head-shaking news of humanity. While working out, I mumbled near a young trainer, “The quality of a civilization depends on the extent of corruption.” After “Huh?” he asked for more. FIFA this week has been exposed as utterly corrupt, yet member nations on Friday re-elected silly-putty Sepp Blatter to a fifth term as its president. Yesterday, crawling from under his rock for the first time since 2008, Richard S. Fuld, chairman of Lehman upon its collapse, gave a speech now viral on YouTube. His one-liners opened a window to a mind possibly too incompetent to be corrupt. “Lehman Brothers at the point of 2008 was not a bankrupt company.” All through 2008, Fuld had been a Wall Street laughingstock trying to sell Lehman as it imp...