Robert Nix: ‘The ‘best’ technology is too often not the winning technology’

Sushi, pizza and spatial analytics with a real estate hacker

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Robert Nix is chief technical architect at Urban4M. What do you do? Technically, I design the servers that power our spatial analytics and choose the technology and tools we integrate with our servers. How'd you end up in real estate tech? Initially, with Urban4M, I started developing a generalized spatial analytics platform. And while that's still what we have on the back end, as we developed our models, it became more and more clear that real estate will benefit so greatly from our tools that we chose to place a focus on the industry. Though, of course, our capabilities can still expand into any industry requiring/utilizing spatial analysis. What aspects of real estate are you trying to make better? Enabling buyers to know the exact place to search for opportunities. Enabling sellers to know the exact place to market properties. Enabling businesses to know the exact place for bricks and mortar. More generally, understanding places, enabling perfectly objective sp...