Opinion: 3 reasons the MLS should declare its independence from NAR

Plus a beginning to the solution and the start of a bigger discussion

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As I was scanning desperately for a gap in my calendar to shoehorn in some vacation, I quickly found the beautiful patch of open space surrounding the Fourth of July. Of course, on my other screen (because I constantly multitask), I was brainstorming blog ideas and hoping for inspiration. So I began thinking: Revolution. Freedom. Independence Day. Who needs independence? Well, I want to be independently wealthy, but that's not much of a blog. And then it hit me. It's time for the MLS to declare its independence. The symbiotic Realtor association/MLS model has run its course. Here is why: 1. It's antiquated. The MLS as a concept started in the late 1800s (that's not a typo) when real estate agents would gather at their local associations to share information on available listings and agree on compensation. "I have a buyer; you have a listing. How much will you pay me?" At that time, this system made sense. We are talking about a time when the telephone was a ...