Jason's Stories

Whatever it is, make what you are passionate about part of your business, and create a win-win for you and your client, as well as the world at large. Like anything, to do this you need a well thought out strategy. Here four steps to include in your plan.

Jul 7

So I began thinking: Revolution. Freedom. Independence Day. Who needs independence? Well, I want to be independently wealthy, but that’s not much of a blog. And then it hit me. It’s time for the MLS to declare its independence.

Jun 26

I receive at least 20 emails each week trumpeting “off market listing” in the subject line from an investor, seller, broker or some other third party (more on that third-party part later). The promised investment return, bargain basement price and other claims might be questionable, but the increasing number of off-market properties isn’t.

May 1