Will making friends with other Realtors help you get more business?

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We live in a sharing society. Even if you feel socially independent, think about all the other ways society groups us together. Ride-hailing, cloth-swapping, tech rentals, crowdfunding -- each utilizes communal effort for the greater good of all its parts. Most companies push a collaborative ideology onto their employees. After all, creating a sense of camaraderie and community is important for a thriving business. But when you primarily work on your own, the importance of developing a strong support system doesn’t weigh as hard. You might be fine working solo, but the benefits of creating friends in the industry can help grow your business. Where to network with other agents More individuals are realizing the power of collaboration. Agent advice boards on social media pages via Facebook and LinkedIn are everywhere, offering original and thought-provoking opinions on the current market. Portals offer pro advice for new and seasoned agents alike. The opportunities for...