How connected cars will change real estate

These vehicles use the same data that can be utilized by agents and their clients

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Enjoy the Connect experience from your computer, laptop or tablet! Watch Connect now. Takeaways: Data used for traffic can be used to help homeowners be aware of how long it will take for a home inspector or contractor to get to them. In-car devices can give agents access to real-time home listing data. People are interested in measuring distance by minutes, not miles. SAN FRANCISCO -- We’ve been thinking about futuristic cars way before in-vehicle GPSs -- or GPS in general, for that matter -- were introduced to the market. Now that everyone is connected at virtually every moment of their lives, connected cars seem much more realistic. That was the topic of a panel at Inman Connect San Francisco. Self-driving cars are not far from manifestation, but connected cars are much more real and prevalent for real estate agents. All new cars are locked and loaded with large screens to accommodate data that shows traffic, weather and more. Why not use these screens ...