What luxury real estate agents can learn from a casino whale hunter

Larry Altschul uses knowledge of high net worth individuals' wine and food preferences to his advantage

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Enjoy the Connect experience from your computer, laptop or tablet! Watch Connect now. Takeaways: Researching a high net worth individual's interests and preferences can help you win their business. Providing specialized services is an effective way to court well-heeled foreigners. Casino representative is looking to form referral relationships with real estate agents. SAN FRANCISCO -- When Larry Altschul began researching a high net worth individual he wanted to lure to one of the casinos he represents, he discovered that the high roller loved wine. That would be his "in," he decided. He called the man's assistant and asked her to relay a message to her boss: Altschul had a $10,000 bottle of wine that he wanted to share. From there, everything went according to plan. "The moral of the story is he lost $4 million with me," Altschul said, referring to the amount of money the high net worth individual dropped at the casino he visited at Altschul's pr...