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Infographic: Is home appreciation higher near Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods stores?

RealtyTrac looks at homes in ZIP codes near these grocery chains

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  • Homeowners near a Trader Joe’s experienced better appreciation (40 percent) than homes near Whole Foods (34 percent).
  • Homes near Trader Joe’s have higher value on average ($592,339) than homes near Whole Foods ($561,840).
  • Homeowners near a Trader Joe’s pay more property taxes ($8,536 per year) than homeowners near Whole Foods ($5,382 per year).

When it comes to iconic grocery stores and home value, which grocery store is better: Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods?

RealtyTrac looked at home values, appreciation and property taxes in ZIP codes in the U.S. that are near these two chain grocery store locations. Here are the results:



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